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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Astoria Market in July!

Well, I have been remiss in my postings, but am hoping to catch up today!  I joined the Astoria Market again this past Sunday and had a lovely time meeting new folks & networking.  Here is a peek at my booth:

Between moving & going away for the weekend of the 4th, I was frantically trying to get everything together for this market.  Nothing like doing everything at the last minute?? But, I was able to come up with some nice new ideas.  Here is a new gift basket:

It comes with a lap quilt, 4 napkins with napkin ring holders handmade from burlap, and a beelightful candle! 

I rolled my beeswax tapers in new colors, and placed them inside mason jars!  What a perfect way to take a candle with you for a picnic!  For the tops, I cut out feedsack fabric to add that vintage-farm feel.

Here is a lovely lavender basket made with feedsack fabric:

I also found these wonderful novelty fabrics in NC that I just couldn't pass up:
It says "What happens on my tractor stays on my tractor"!  So, of course I had to make some reversible bibs using this with the tractor on the back. 

How fun! 

Hope you are having fun this summer as well!

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