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Monday, August 22, 2011

Onward & Upward

It's been awhile since I have posted, but that doesn't mean things have been quiet...

I mentioned in a previous post that BirdCraft candles are now being stocked at the Owl & Thistle General Store in Crown Heights, Brooklyn.  Well, we were mentioned in TimeOut Magazine as one of their vendors! 

In addition, BirdCraft candles were just added to America's Virtual General Store!  So, this has really been an exciting couple of weeks. 

Meanwhile, back at the farm... I've been roll, roll, rolling that wax and filling the order of 75 mason jar candles for Beeyond the Hive in Fort Collins, CO!  Phew!  It has been a busy but fun time!  I picked up some more beautiful feedsack fabric from Marydon at Blushing Rose Boutique, and they should be ready to ship by Wednesday!

What else??  Well, I have good news:  BirdCraft was invited to join the Funky Finds Holiday Market in Fort Worth, TX on Nov. 12th & 13th.  This means, I will have two markets in October; Atlantic Antic on the 2nd & Crafts in Chelsea on the 15th, then I would have FF in November!  I will decide by this weekend, but I am really leaning towards it.  AND, it is pet-fr;iendly, so I'll get to make lots of cute holiday stuff for our favorite animals!

So, lots happening around the studio.  I'm hoping to take some new product photos & get those posted up on the website soon, and also finish some new products to add to the line.

Have a great week!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

One Down...

Well, I heard back and am officially IN Atlantic Antic on October 2nd!  Can't wait to share the booth with my friend and entrepreneur Holly Luttrel of Edward Owl.  Please check out her site & I'll post again with our exact booth location.

In other news...Here is a little of this & that I was working on this weekend:

Here are the beginnings of my mason jar soap dispensers & hopefully I'll get these done & ready for etsy by the weekend.

And, I started work on a new quilted wall hanging, and couldn't resist using my cousin's cute dogs for the picture.  Meet Jack & Ginger!

I just have to finish the binding & put the wooden dowel on the top & it'll be ready for hanging!

Wonder what other wall hangings I might do for my friends.... :)

Lastly,  I started working on my friend Melanie's baby mobile for her daughter Aire would will be born later this month.  I stuffed & sewed these cute cutouts from fabric I had found, and attached them using whimsical farm ribbon.  Then, I thought, maybe I should just attach these to a clothesline so she can hang them as she wishes & also take them off so Aire can play with them individually?

Can't get the bottom two to rotate for posting, but you get the idea...

I may try to do the mobile idea too... we'll see.  Not sure what I need to finish this one up, but it's very close.

Ok, so that's all from the farm.  Have a great week & stay cool in all this heat!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Those Lazy Hazy Crazy Days of Summer

Well, I have been running around chasing my tail this week.  However, I think I am going to finally get myself somewhat organized this weekend & ready for new opportunities.
I took some time away from posting as I thought "I need photos!" ... But, then I realized maybe words are just as important?
Sew, I did finally finish Kinley's darling quilt, and wouldn't you know I was so excited to get it out the door yesterday that I forgot to take a photo!  I will hope they take a picture of her drooling on it so I can share it here.
Also, I have been very thankful to be getting lots of candle orders recently.  So, I have been taking a break from sewing, and been roll, roll, rolling that beeswax!  I have also been very excited to be stocking & selling these candles in general stores, so I will update in a separate post with those links. 
August is a month full of sun, heat, long days that don't seem long enough, and applications that are due for the upcoming holiday markets.  I am happy to say I have applied for Atlantic Antic & Crafts in Chelsea!  I am excited to join these as a crafter, and hope to network with even more people! 
I have been traveling the last few weekends, and then last weekend I rode 52 miles on my bike, had a ton of social engagements, and played music.  So, this weekend, I am looking forward to a round of golf (just because), and then getting down to business.  I hope to re-organize my studio space and sort my fabrics according to projects & make up a production schedule for my etsy shop, general stores & my own personal gifts.  This sounds daunting just typing it, but sometimes I need to re-shuffle things to get a new view and inspiration to finish. 
So, here's hoping I will have some exciting photos next week & new projects to share!  (Either that, or at least I'll have some photos from the 19th hole...)

Have a great week & please check out some of the blogs I follow for wonderful giveaways!