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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Those Lazy Hazy Crazy Days of Summer

Well, I have been running around chasing my tail this week.  However, I think I am going to finally get myself somewhat organized this weekend & ready for new opportunities.
I took some time away from posting as I thought "I need photos!" ... But, then I realized maybe words are just as important?
Sew, I did finally finish Kinley's darling quilt, and wouldn't you know I was so excited to get it out the door yesterday that I forgot to take a photo!  I will hope they take a picture of her drooling on it so I can share it here.
Also, I have been very thankful to be getting lots of candle orders recently.  So, I have been taking a break from sewing, and been roll, roll, rolling that beeswax!  I have also been very excited to be stocking & selling these candles in general stores, so I will update in a separate post with those links. 
August is a month full of sun, heat, long days that don't seem long enough, and applications that are due for the upcoming holiday markets.  I am happy to say I have applied for Atlantic Antic & Crafts in Chelsea!  I am excited to join these as a crafter, and hope to network with even more people! 
I have been traveling the last few weekends, and then last weekend I rode 52 miles on my bike, had a ton of social engagements, and played music.  So, this weekend, I am looking forward to a round of golf (just because), and then getting down to business.  I hope to re-organize my studio space and sort my fabrics according to projects & make up a production schedule for my etsy shop, general stores & my own personal gifts.  This sounds daunting just typing it, but sometimes I need to re-shuffle things to get a new view and inspiration to finish. 
So, here's hoping I will have some exciting photos next week & new projects to share!  (Either that, or at least I'll have some photos from the 19th hole...)

Have a great week & please check out some of the blogs I follow for wonderful giveaways!

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