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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

One Down...

Well, I heard back and am officially IN Atlantic Antic on October 2nd!  Can't wait to share the booth with my friend and entrepreneur Holly Luttrel of Edward Owl.  Please check out her site & I'll post again with our exact booth location.

In other news...Here is a little of this & that I was working on this weekend:

Here are the beginnings of my mason jar soap dispensers & hopefully I'll get these done & ready for etsy by the weekend.

And, I started work on a new quilted wall hanging, and couldn't resist using my cousin's cute dogs for the picture.  Meet Jack & Ginger!

I just have to finish the binding & put the wooden dowel on the top & it'll be ready for hanging!

Wonder what other wall hangings I might do for my friends.... :)

Lastly,  I started working on my friend Melanie's baby mobile for her daughter Aire would will be born later this month.  I stuffed & sewed these cute cutouts from fabric I had found, and attached them using whimsical farm ribbon.  Then, I thought, maybe I should just attach these to a clothesline so she can hang them as she wishes & also take them off so Aire can play with them individually?

Can't get the bottom two to rotate for posting, but you get the idea...

I may try to do the mobile idea too... we'll see.  Not sure what I need to finish this one up, but it's very close.

Ok, so that's all from the farm.  Have a great week & stay cool in all this heat!

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