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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Ooh, Fabric!

Yesterday after work, I took the road less traveled, and went to the City Quilter on 25th between 6th & 7th.  I was a bit intimidated to go there, as I was afraid it would be pricey and full of snobby NY quilters who know it all....

I was pleasantly surprised!  The store is lovely! (I was breathing too hard in excitment, and unable to take pictures, but here are some from their facebook page):

The walls are lined with a great selection of fabrics that are easily identifiable and accessible.  They have lots of fat quarters, grouped by project and color, and lots of odds and ends.  The staff was very helpful, knowledgeable and friendly (in NY, can you believe??!).

So, long story short: 

I picked up two solid-ish pieces to go with the assortment of feedsack pieces I had ordered for Kinley's quilt:
And, I picked up this lovely grosgrain ribbon that I will use to wrap around the quilt when it's all done! 

I also picked up materials for a table runner project for my quilting blog group "Newbie Quilters" on Quilt With Us.  I decided to make it in lemon/lime shades and found excellent fabric:

Oh, I can't wait to start both of these projects for the long holiday weekend!

After leaving the store, I walked through Madison Square Park & watched the sunlight play off of the buildings while waiting for my bus to get back to Brooklyn.

All in all, it was a very nice afternoon, and I'm looking forward to having fun with my new projects & sharing next week!

Happy Easter/Passover to all!

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