Thursday, June 2, 2011

June Inspiration

So, I was rambling around the Amazon Kindle store the other day searching under "quilts"... My big secret obsession is reading fictional stories where the authors weave together quilting folklore with heartfelt stories.  When, I found this amazing book:

I have been reading it every morning on my commute, and it is so inspiring!  The history of American quilting is so rich and amazing, from the plantations and slaves, to the Oregon Trail, and beyond!  There are many illustrations in the book of old quilts, the people who made them, and the culture surrounding quilting.  Although I am enjoying the kindle version, I would almost recommend getting the regular book so that the colors of the quilt fabrics and patterns will come through.

In other news:  I just finally purchased a real camera.  Yes!  I have been using my iPhone (without flash) and I am thrilled to finally be able to do something more than just cross my fingers, point & click.  So, I'll be updating my photos on etsy soon & taking new ones!

Also, I've started a new project that I think may become one of my signature items to sell.  It is sort of a combination of a picture frame & personalized quilt... Stay tuned!

Have a fabulous Thursday!

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