Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Moving & WIP

I'm in the middle of moving, which is a great opportunity for me to re-organize and sort of catalog my fabrics and notions to get more inspiration for future projects.  It is a revolving process, as I start one project, and then get ideas for other projects using scraps, and then get more patterns and pickup more fabric which gets me excited about other ideas... I literally have to keep lists with my ideas, and a schedule to keep me on track with what I'm creating.

But, at least I'm creating!

I was very pleased to find that I wasn't burned out after coming off of all the crazy preparations and late-night sewing for the first Astoria Market.  In fact, I have found that I'm yearning to sew more, but also allowing myself some time for brainstorming to see if I can't make my ideas even more customized and fabulous....

Of course, the last thing I am packing up to move is my workstation!  So, after making some homemade drop biscuits for comfort food,

I started working on some new coaster designs using scraps:

I drink coffee every morning, and usually have a coaster handy to protect my coffee table.  I thought, what better way to get little tidbits of inspiration to get me motivated for the day?  I think this idea may evolve into some other projects.  I am really enjoying using my printer to transfer images and words... it will be interesting to see how this all comes together.

Have an inspired day!

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