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Monday, June 6, 2011

Market Madness!

This weekend was a pressure cooker of fabric, notions, and thread... Wow, can't believe how much thread a gal can go through sewing!! Bobbins, and bobbins, and bobbins...

I am preparing for the Astoria Market next weekend, and then had an unexpected trip come up & will be leaving Thursday morning and returning Saturday at midnight (just in time to be perky for the market on Sunday- hey, I'm not ashamed to be 100% fueled on coffee and adrenaline!).

So, I ramped up my production schedule this weekend & churned out some aprons & created some new designs too!

I absolutely LOVE this feedsack- and no, my photos do not give it justice, but I was in a hurry to post & just shot real quick from my iPhone... I swear I will get real quality photos up soon!

Anyway, I started making some shorter aprons with both left & right handed pockets- super cute! 

Also, I have some unisex campbell's kid aprons made out of oshkosh demin... oh, super cute!

This is what my work station looked like this morning.  I have a pile of fabric (about 11 aprons) left to make tonight & tomorrow, and then I'll pack everything up in my new cute baskets (thanks, Caitlin!), and will be ready to rock and roll for the market!

Have a great day!

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