Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Photos & More!

As promised, here are some photos from this past Sunday:

And, my booth was perfectly situated next to a community garden plot!

Here are some close ups:

Here is a picture of my new holiday-inspired, quilted wine gift bags:

It's even got a gift card attached & ready for that last minute dinner party!  Two of the ones I made for Chanukah sold super quick- so I'll make more & post photos to etsy.

Today, I just got in these nifty lids for my mason jars:

[Forgive my messy studio- it is craft central right now & my notions & fabrics are in chaos!]

I really like both of these.   I ordered small batches of each, and will see how they do this weekend.

Of course, I'll have to gussy them up a bit before hand... I'm sure I can find something to get 'em ready for the ball (pun intended)!

Sweet crafting dreams!

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1 comment:

  1. Heather, you're so multi-talented! The creativity just oozes out. Can't wait to see what you'll think of next!!!