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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

From the poultry barn...part 2

And now some product shots:

Doggie flannel coats:

Beeswax Candle Kits:

Coffee koozies and coasters:

Catnip-filled cat pillows:

Kitty stockings... Did I mention this was a cat/dog-friendly show?

Quilted hanging of Jack and Ginger (I'm not above pimping my cousin's dogs!)

Quilted wine koozies and bibs... Big and small

Holiday big and little aprons

Aprons hanging on the line

Sold the brown apple one right before closing on Sunday!

Of course, some candles

And, look what my cousin made for me- a bird barn for my cards!

It was a great time visiting family and friends, and meeting new folks along the way...
One last pitstop before signing off- my cousin took this picture of me in the neighboring sheep barn...

Can you believe he just left me there??
We were having WAY too much fun!

Back in NY and ready for next week's show in Park Slope- cheers!

- Posted on the fly!